Portfolio > 2017 Revelations

Double Lidded Terror Barrel
forged and fabricated steel
26" high
Buoys For Big Changes
forged and fabricated steel
28" long x 10" wide x 13" high
Relevator #20322
forged and fabricated steel

The Revelations work involves creating metaphysical tools for better living. I make imaginary instruments which assist humans in successfully completing cognitive tasks. Tasks such as coping, forgiving, deciding – actions which, when emotionally based, can commonly make life complicated.

My sculptures are fantastical implements designed and built to help humans sort through conflicted feelings, cope with anxiety, demolish guilt, extinguish shame and squelch remorse – the works are handy devices to aid people in achieving peace and tranquility.

I am a metal sculptor. I am a blacksmith. I most often employ traditional blacksmithing processes to create my work, but I am not afraid to employ current technologies to achieve a desired result. Metals are magical and the processes used to form them I find quite exciting and rewarding. Metal objects possess a multifaceted familiarity to humans, they are tangible markers of time - souvenirs of existence.

My work at its core is intended to reflect and provoke thought – to start conversations and promote connection. My sculptures provide platforms for thoughts to be thought about, recognized, validated, processed and shared. In a perfect world, my work would provide a means for others to discover their truths and share them. In a broad view, I hope to make the world a better place by promoting commonalities and enhancing understanding.

Inspirations include:
Alfred Bullermann’s community inspired metal sculptures.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism.
Rube Goldberg’s contraptions.
Scott Lankton’s forged steel and bronze works.
Mental health.
The Oklahoma industrial landscape.
Sesame Street 1975 – 1982.
Kurt Vonnegut.